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My Portfolio / Documentation


This section of my portfolio summarises both professional and personal examples of documentation, chosen to represent a range of topics and projects. For examples of work that deals with the wider documentation structure and strategy, see the Information Architecture section of my portfolio.

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Developing documentation for a new product 

Creating product documentation essential for successful completion of a technical setup for an offering that can't rely solely on UI guidance.


Updating important integration documentation

Working with a Senior Customer Success Engineer to update and improve existing documentation for one of the more popular but also more complex integrations.

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Breaking up a saturated settings article

Redistributing content from a dense article about custom settings and delineating that content from "getting started" guidance.


Information development and style guide

A personal project implementing and maintaining a docs-as-code process to showcase modern documentation practices and to talk about best practices for technical and UX writing.

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Creating informational content for a new product

Researching and writing an introductory article that explained a rebranded, new product, including what it was, what it offered, and how it worked.


Transforming handwritten music notes into a book

Creating a digitised, consolidated version of written and illustrated notes from my ukulele, music, and song notebooks to use as an evolving reference and learning guide.

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