Claudia Lopes

Lecturer and Senior Researcher, Africa's Voices Foundation (2016 - 2017)

Jeunese is a creative and committed UX researcher who nurtures positive relationships with colleagues. At Africa's Voices Foundation (AVF), Jeunese helped to develop several platforms for textual analysis, led a research project with Well Told Story in Nairobi and provided general research support for the organisation. Using a thorough approach to design, she worked with users, developers and other researchers to improve efficiency of AVF platforms and research workflows. Jeunese left a mark of rigour in the organisation during its initial phase of growth.


Kate Livingstone

Senior User Researcher, University of Cambridge Information Services (2017 - 2019)

Jeunese's background in academic Psychology research has equipped her with an analytical eye for detail and the ability to articulate her insights in a meaningful and actionable format. Jeunese's conscientious contribution to our work is borne out of her genuine interest and empathy for users' experience and desire to improve their ability to achieve their goals. I enjoy working with her, and her desire to learn and apply new skills is a great asset to our team.


Alex Considine Tong

Product Lead, Featurespace (2019)

Jeunese is a pleasure to work with. She is a gifted UX/UI researcher and is extremely adept in enabling product teams and business owners to focus on end-user and customer outcomes, whilst maximising business returns. Her broad intellect and unique approach to problem solving is often the key to identifying the best solutions for the challenges at hand. 

She has excellent attention to detail. This is wonderfully balanced with a commitment to the wider context: you can trust Jeunese to approach problems with an open mind and a view to uncovering the best routes forwards. She works with integrity and passion, and shows consistent respect for those around her.


Graham Johnson

Director of UX Research, NCR Corporation, Dundee (2010 - 2013)

Jeunese is passionate about research, applied psychology and HCI. Her ability, focus, enthusiasm and diligence are remarkable for someone at this career stage. She is a exceptionally dynamic force within the team, an intelligent and positive contributor, and always welcomes new challenges. Jeunese's PhD research tackles a key business issue creating valuable consumer knowledge.


Graeme Jenkinson

Research Associate, University of Cambridge, Computer Lab (2013 - 2015)

Jeunese is intelligent, thorough and dedicated. She has extensive knowledge of both psychology and human computer interaction. Collaborating with Jeunese is good fun and always results in interesting findings.​


Sam Smith

Policy Lead, MedConfidential (met 2013 in the Cambridge privacy & security community)

Dr Payne is a smart creative talent who pays deep attention to detail across both technology and human experience. Her background and experience gives the research grounding to uncover underlying questions and develop effective solutions, explaining the problem and findings as needed. Jeunese is awesome, and you should hire her.


Fabian Krause

MPhil Student, University of Cambridge, Computer Lab (2015)

Jeunese was part of the team that supervised me during my Master's thesis. She gave me valuable advice on how to perform interviews, what statistical methods to apply, and how to handle interviewees. This whole field was new to me but Jeunese supervised me with lots of patience and was always able to answer my questions, pointing me at the relevant literature. I really enjoyed working with her as she creates an enjoyable working atmosphere while also being very knowledgable.​


Bill Thompson

Principal Research Engineer, BBC R&D

(research acquaintance in

tech-politics, met 2015)

Jeunese combines her technical expertise with the ability to collaborate effectively, as she has demonstrated through her work but also in our wider and deeper conversations, where she is remarkably adept at cutting through confusion and offering a perspective that assimilates different points of view in a valuable way. She’s great at engaging with complexity, and finding some order or explanation. She is also very empathetic and understanding, in personal conversation and also, unusually, in more technical discussions where it’s easy to ignore the emotional overtones and trample on people’s feelings.


Giles Barton-Owen

Chief Technology Owner, Africa's Voices Foundation (2016)

Jeunese was a conscientious and diligent colleague, who worked with me on both the analysis of social media data, as well as on user experience and UX testing of an internal tool. While dealing with disparate client demands and motivations, Jeunese maintained a fantastically (and well stated) user-centric view, even while involved in the technical development. She's always fun to have in the office and helped keep the team socialising, we occasionally all meet up even a year after leaving.