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I like to investigate, communicate, and create.


Armed with a background in psychology and multi-disciplinary professional experience, I provide meaningful and actionable insights to inform and evaluate tools, systems, programmes, and services, with a focus on the benefit to end users. I make patterns and create order out of the messy and disordered. Writing is an important part of this process. I also use imagery to explore and communicate processes, problems, needs, solutions, and ideas.

Taken together, I am ideally suited to my current role as a senior technical author (or "information developer"), which primarily involves documenting new features, and reviewing the information experience (IX) of UI copy and design.

I have a PhD in Applied Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction (2014) and more than 10 years research experience. I welcome opportunities to put my creativity, knowledge, practical writing and research skills, and eye for detail to good use in projects that focus on user experience, technology for positive socio-economic change, and privacy and security.

A good outcome is one that solves a problem or fulfils a need based on iterative, evidence-based research and content design. I offer a hands-on, collaborative approach to understanding user needs, motivations, and behaviours, providing the insights needed for solutions that come from a place of empathy for users. My primary focus is on producing content that helps guide users through their interactions with the UI to help them achieve their goals.

I've had the privilege of working alongside colleagues with diverse backgrounds, experience, and knowledge. This has included data scientists, computer security experts, software engineers, UX designers, product owners, and other social scientists in profit and non-profit organisations. Find out what colleagues and business acquaintances have said about me and my process, here.

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