I make patterns and create order out of the messy and disordered. Writing is an important part of my process. I am also a  visual thinker and use imagery to explore and communicate. 

Armed with a background in psychology and multi-disciplinary professional experience, I also provide meaningful and actionable insights to inform and evaluate tools, systems, programmes, and services, with a focus on the benefit to end users. 

Let me help you investigate, communicate, create, and innovate!

I have a PhD in Applied Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction (2014) and more than 10 years research experience. I welcome opportunities to put my creativity, knowledge, practical writing and research skills, and eye for detail to good use in projects that focus on user experience, technology for positive socio-economic change, and privacy and security.

A good outcome is one that solves a problem or fulfils a need based on iterative and evidence-based research. I offer a hands-on approach to research and content design. Coming from a place of empathy for users -- understanding needs, motivations, and behaviours -- I prefer to learn directly from the end-user of a product or service by listening, observing, and immersing myself in their experience.

I love to collaboratively brainstorm, sketch-out ideas, and talk with colleagues and end-users to understand an issue and to produce solutions. Find out what colleagues and business acquaintances have said about me and my process, here.

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