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My Portfolio / User Experience Research

User Experience Research

Before becoming an information developer, I was involved in UX, including academic, non-profit, and industry research projects. I still apply my research background, whether to inform the information architecture of a doc set, or to help out colleagues in their data analyses. This section of my portfolio offers a range of examples of UX-specific research.


Content analysis of NPS comments to track trends

Developing NPS coding themes for Product team prioritization and creating a framework for Machine Learning (ML) insights.

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Identifying employee pain points and opportunities

Mapping the employee experience of a continuous integration and deployment tool used in the Engineering department of a software company.


Uncovering user needs for a university costing tool

Conducting contextual inquiries to gather requirements for changes to the costing tool used for the grant management process at a university.

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Concept testing a token-based authentication system

Using grounded theory to explore reactions to a token-based authentication system to gauge general acceptance and willingness to adopt the system before building.

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