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It started as just a girl playing sad songs on her ukulele, hoping they reached someone in some positive way. 

I was a 90s kid, pulling out the booklet of lyrics that came with whatever CD was playing to read along with the songs. I lamented not being taught a musical instrument, but it didn't stop me connecting with music. I'm moved by songs with meaningful lyrics and an ability to make your heart drop. I can only dream of having the musical presence of artists like Hozier, Tom Rosenthal, Manchester Orchestra, and many talented others.


I always thought music-making was an activity reserved for these "talented others", but a breakup in 2019 moved me to pick up a £20 ukulele in an effort to distract myself. I began learning "Ruby Tuesday" and then immediately (not hyperbole) started trying to write my own song. I began by extending one of the tunes I woke up and applying the only chords I knew to each new line.


Really, making music saved my life. I didn't care if I was good. I just needed so deeply to express myself and I didn't stop.

I have since created an album, called "Chasing Butterflies", and released a few singles. I use bright, airy tones to sing about the less comfortable subjects in life: loss, heartbreak, loneliness, abuse, mental ill-health. It's deeply personal, but I also like to think it's unifying in its truthfulness and humanity.




You can also follow my music on YouTube and SoundCloud

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