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My Portfolio / Information Architecture

Information Architecture

Much of my work in content design involves creating an efficient and user-friendly digital experience in the way that I organise information. I've led projects to structure information to facilitate navigation and to enhance the overall user experience. Below are some examples of my approach to information architecture, where you can get some insight into my skills, experience, and output.

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Overhauling help docs for a better user experience 

A systematic approach to consolidating, moving, and creating content for a complete restructure and update of the product documentation.


Creating a new IA and strategy for product documentation

Filling content gaps and restructuring the webpages for product documentation to create content that's more effective, efficient, and sustainable.

Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 19.16.42.png
Card sorting exercise


Designing a landing page based on user mental models

Card sorting to inform the content and structure of a landing page for academic researchers looking for support from Research Operations Office.

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